About us

Burki Foundation is a project of BURKI GROUP started in 2000. In this trust we provide free  education, needy or poor girls marriages, provide job to peoples, protect old people and orphans and provides legal  services.  We are a part of a society where the majority of the people residing in villages and towns are living below the  poverty line and even deprived of the basic necessities of life.

In today’s world where inflation is at its peak, it is  impossible for them to pay for their electricity, children’s education and any medical treatment of any family member. 

How will the head of the family be able to provide for the needs of his children? The result: he takes loans. He is not  to be blamed because he is responsible to provide three meals a day for his family and he is forced to use the wrong  means to fulfill his family’s needs.

In a way, your Sadaqa or Zakaat is being spent with your own hands. Our aim is to  inquire and survey to find the ones who need us

Procedure Of Sending Donations

Whenever you send any donation, please inform us the same day through email: burkifoundation@gmail.com  about the mode or channel you selected for sending funds, date, amount and the purpose of donation (i.e Zakat, Khairat, Sadqa, Charity, Gift, Roza Kaffara, Sehri Iftari, Dastarkhawn, Sadqa , Ambulance heads) with your complete postal address to enable us to send Donation Receipt.

Our Burki Foundation's Accounts are regularly maintained & audited by Chartered Accountants.

All contributions to the Burki Foundation are tax exempted, under section (c) of Sub Section (36) of section 2 of the income tax Ordinance, 2011.

Burki Foundation is fully responsible for spending your donations in the right way. Following are different channels through which you can send donations to Burki Foundation. You can also contact us for any further information.

Sami Ullah Khan Burki (Chairman)

Burki Foundation

Mob: +92-333-4788070- +92-300-8102070

Email: burkifoundation70@gmail.com

Email: burkifoundation@burki.com.pk

URL: www.burki.com.pk