Admissions start in January of every year. age range in playgroup 2.5yrs to 3yrs child for admission
and 5 years for class 1.

Rules & Regulations

    Appearance during monthly tests is compulsory.

    Color clothes are not allowed as students must be in proper uniform.

    Students are not allowed to bring valuables and attractive articles to the school.

    A student remain absent for more then 30 consecutive days will be struck off from the school register.

    Monthly fee must be paid till the 10th of every month.

    Regular classes are 5 days in a week. 


Standard Courses

Pre-School Junior

Our early childhood education programme is focused on developing children's skills through activity-based teaching methods.

    Language-Reading / Exercises

    Mathematics concepts / Number Work

    Practical Life Exercises

    Nature Study / Science

    Vocabulary Development

    General Knowledge

    Art / Hand control



    Physical Education

Class 1st to 3r






    Geography/ Pakistan Studies




    Physical Education


Class 4th to Matric (English Medium)


    Punjab Board Courses.


Nursery/ Kindergarten

All assessments are carried out in a relaxed and informal manner. There is no formal end of term tests.


Class 1st to 10th


Formal mid-year examination is held at the end of the first term and an annual examination at the conclusion of the final term. In addition to the examination results, the term marks reflect a student’s all round progress, including performance in course-work assignments, projects and tests. And then for matric classes in the end board examinations.