Our Security Services

   Static Guards

   Mobile Patrols

   Building Surveys

   Route surveys

   Escort Duties

   Emergency Response teams

   Provisioning of security guards /
          supervisors / security officers.

   Events Security

   Body Guarding


   Security Receptionist.

   Lady Searchers.

   Cash in Transit.

   Investigation and Reporting


   Wireless Sets with Frequency

   Reflector Mirrors for Searching Vehicles.

   Metal and Explosive Detectors

   Intercom Video System with Lock

   Walk Through Gates

   Electrifying Machines


Quick Reaction Force:


To cater for any emergency, we have a mobile QRF (Quick Reaction Force) comprising skilled and trained Personnel available at the our operational office, which can be Mobilized and moved to the site at a minimum possible short notice.


Liability Free Services:


Our   services   are offered free of all the liabilities. We are responsible for our employees, their compensations and benefits with no obligation towards the clients.



CATEGORY                                       RATES (12 HOURS)

Security Officer                                Rs. 35,000/- Per month            

Security Supervisor                        Rs. 30,000/- Per month

Armed Security Guard                    Rs.  25,000/- Per month

Body Guards(EX SSG )                  Rs.  55,000/- Per month

Lady Searcher                                  Rs.  220,000/- Per month


Among the many benefits for our clients is the peace of mind, recognized and trusted services, quality from top to toe, dynamic management and the strength of our men who are cut above the competitors for number of reasons.


We Make it Happen!